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Internal Sealant Services

across the Southwest of the UK

Welcome to Sealant Specialists We are one of the UK's leading sealant specialist companies providing mastic & sealant silicone services. We pride ourselves on offering dependable, professional, high-quality service at reasonable prices.

Internal Sealant Services UK
Best Rated Materials

Only using the highest grade materials, you can be sure that your job will be completed to the highest standard.

Commercial & Residential

Our team’s wealth of experience enables us to complete all types of jobs to the highest level.

Health & Safety

All our sealant applicators hold valid CSCS, are fully health and safety trained, and have a wealth of sealant and on-site experience.

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Looking for internal sealant services across the Southwest of the UK?

When it comes to applying sealants, we believe in customer satisfaction, which means we take pride in every job we complete.

We have close relationships with our trusted suppliers, so we can colour-match almost any colour for any sealant job you require!

We will colour-match your project substrates perfectly every time, using the industry-standard RAL colour system.

We only use high-quality sealants and will advise and direct our customers to use the correct sealant for the job.

Below are some of the key strengths that take us above our competitors.

  • We pride ourselves on reliability. 
  • Our high standards of work.
  • Our ability to guide any job in the right direction to completion.
  • Our friendliness to all our clients and surrounding people.
  • Our knowledge of sealants and applications.
Internal Sealant Services UK

OUR SEALANT SERVICES We understand all your requirements and provide quality to the professional finish you require your sealant


Sealant to bathrooms & kitchens, all types of flooring, old silicone removal, sealant to windows and doors, air testing, intumescent fire sealant, glass to glass, and more:

  • Sealant to bathrooms & kitchens including tiles, worktops, and sanitary
  • Sealant to all types of flooring
  • Old silicone removal
  • Sealant to internal windows, both before and after plastering for air tests and noise regulations
  • Sealant to skirtings for air tests and noise regulations
  • Intumescent fire sealant
  • Sealing with anti-pick silicone to theatre & prisons
  • Sealant to clean rooms & food industries
  • Sealant to hospitals & care homes
  • Sealant to schools & clinics
  • Sealant to hygiene sectors
  • Sealant to offices
  • Sealant before the pre-plaster
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information we might do


Sealant to windows and doors, movement joints, a replacement for damaged or discoloured silicone and more:

  • Sealant to windows
  • Sealant to doors
  • Sealant to service boxes
  • Sealant to penetration pipes
  • Sealant to movement joints
  • Sealant to compression joints
  • Sealant to beams/joists
  • Sealant before the pre-plaster
  • Sealant to car parks joints
  • Sealant to garages
  • Sealing expansion joints to boundary walls
  • Replacement for damaged or discoloured silicone
  • Expanding fire foam around windows, doors, and soffits
  • Sealant soffits and fasciae.


  • Expanding fire foam around windows
  • Expanding fire foam around doors
  • Expanding fire foam around soffits
  • General sealant work to hospitals, plus hygiene seals to theatre areas and secure anti-pick sealants to hospitals, the food industry and prisons
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information we might do

SOME OF OUR INTERNAL SEALANT PROJECTS We're lucky to have worked with such great partners, both commercial and residential.

Internal Sealant Services UK
Internal Sealant Services UK
Internal Sealant Services UK
Internal Sealant Services UK
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Professional internal sealant specialists across the Southwest of the UK.
Our services are tailored to meet the needs of large and small residential and commercial applications across the Southwest.
Your job will be finished to the highest standards, whether it is a construction site, a housing development, or simply a refurbished space.
We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers.
Internal Sealant Services UK

PLACES WE COVER Looking for internal sealant services?

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Can’t see your area? 

We often travel outside the listed areas,  please get in touch, and we will do our best to assist with your requirements.